the architecture in everything
It is about a Structure, a given set or a form of organization in which one limitedly but freely must create, in which one Aesthetically cons­tructs an Obkect that interacts with us physi­cally and emotionally. This to me is architectu­re. Architecture is not simply the science of a building but an act of thinking and designing. Architecture is a framework to all my creative projects. it is the ground plan on which I design and shape my work. The idea of archi­tecture, to me, is in everything. Everything has a Construction, a set ground structure, a visual and aesthetical influence. This magazine does so, too. it is a creative product to be experien­ced, to be interacted with. it is the translation of my definition of architecture. 
during a one-week workshop in graphic design, I developed the idea of this zine as a buildable installation surrounding the theme of architecture. The 14 pages printed on foam boards can be build up and interlocked using the small notches in any immaginable way. There is no instruction in doing so; instead the users should become creative within the limited possibilities of constrcuting. Thus, the idea of architecture is not only conveyed through the textual content and images; the magazine itself embodies this idea. 
with this project, i started a research-based foundation for further works in my studies. i want to explore to what extent this idea of architecture can be found in other creative disciplines and how this idea can lead us to more conscious and innovative design.
Concept Development, Graphic Design, Printing & Production: Sarah Luisa Kuhlewind
Model & Photographic Assistant: Hyerim Leeh