SUMMER 2023 
DURING MY STUDIES AT THE FACULTY OF DIGITAL MEDIA & CREATIVE INDUSTRIES, I INITIATED AND ORGANISED TWO FASHION SHOWS FOR THE DESIGN & TEXTILE TECHNOLOGIES COHORT SHOWCASING THE COLLECTIONS OF THE THIRD AND FORTH SEMESTER. NEXT TO THE EVENT MANAGEMENT AND LOGISTICAL ORGANISATION, I WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR CREATING AN EVENT IDENTITY FRAMING ALL INDIVIDUAL DESIGNs with one coherent theme. for the second show in june 2023, I designed the invitations, posters and digital campaign aND coordinatED the show's set up. IN both shows, I participated with my own projects showcasing the guggenheim coat from the 3rd semester and my gucci print collection as a final outcome of the brand project in the 4th semester. SEE BOTH LIVESTREAMS OF THE SHOWS here on youtube. 
The fashion shows were an extracurricular event organised INDEPENDENTLY by design students of the second year and in collaboration with the student ASSOCIATION "The new mode Collective".
all credits: Sarah Luisa Kuhlewind