Fashion is power. raise your vioce. wear political affairs. 
"Political affairs" is a concept work that ranges from product development to branding. the assignment included a design process, product idea, and sampling as well as cooperative brand strategy and visual branding. based on the history of the trench coat, political affairs is to be understood as a political conceptual work with fashion that rethinks the trench coat in the tradition of England and current controversies around Brexit. 
Caused by Great Britian leaving the Eropean Union through various scenarios of Brexit, there is a high insecurity in the political and  economical situation as well as social order. With the trench coat‘s origin as a military attire in the First World War, there is a visible line between the post-war period and today‘s political conflicts. People losing their nationalities and belonging while still suffering from post-war affects such as hunger and homelessness. Today‘s Brexit is showing a similar ignorance of the social responsibility and instead exposing political authority. 
For the project‘s concept, the trench coat being a symbolic object of the UK and its origin in functional wear atc as a first base for my further product and conceptual development. Emphasizing the functionality of the garment by keeping its heritage character lead me to my vision of creating a supplemental protective garment worn over business and trench coats. Providing security in active protests and belonging as well as giving a political voice.
Fashion is not superficial, Fashion is a way of expression. Fashion is personality, character and emotions. Fashion can be art, and fashion can be provocation. Fashion is a presentation medium, thoroughly underestimated. Fashion is culutre, acting as a mirror of society. Fashion is time and trends, capturing the current zeitgeist. Fashion is power being a visible voice of its wearer. With fashion as such a powerful and highly visible medium, I want to seize and extend its capability in a political context. 
Primarly, fashion and clothing are still a form of protection against atmospherical conditions and environmetally risks. And additionally, a form of emotional protection which can provide security and acceptance by meeting society‘s norms. But can fashion protect against politics by providing safety? Can we turn fashion into a tool of reassurance? In nowadays world influenced by unpredictable politicans, armed conflicts and an unstoppable climate change, how can fashion and clothing be a safety provider? How can we transform a polluting industry into a medium of basic needs such as protection and connectivity? 
The society is conscious of the political decisions affecting personal circumstances while considering the politicans as irresponsible and volatile. In todays world an engagement seems neccessary to fight the heteronomy of politicans. With my project I not only want to create a product providing protection and security but as well holding a networking connectivity with same minded people forming a recognizable crowd. By wearing the garment people identify themselves with the same situation and fears transferring them into a voice and power of political engagement.
The final prodct shows A supplemental puffer vest for trench and business coats achieving proctection and heat insulation in shoulder and neck area – worn as a overcoat.
 The coat can be closed with a zipper and completetd with an attachable rain hood. The final modell consists of recycled PET as a surface fabric and recycled cellulose fibre as a fillig and insulation material. Being produced in Great Britian to avoid any chaning custom conditions due to Brexit and supporting the local economy. The brand‘s iconic print performes as a political statement and protest wear expressing awareness and willigness to engage and raising a voice in politics. 
The print delievers a form of identification with the brand itself – comparable to the iconic Burberry pattern. Letting the customers form a recognizable crowd by transferring their outer appearance into a political engagement as a new form of a nonviolent protesting medium. 
Photos by Sarah luisa kuhlewind