august 2020 - september 2021
I started at Rianna + Nina in august 2020 as an assistant in sales & marketing. In February 2021, I was promoted to junior manager in digital strategy & marketing. RIANNA + NINA is a vintage luxury label focusing on one-of-a-kind designs - made from upcycled vintage materials - reworked in the in-house atelier in Berlin, Germany. The renowned label is working with international partners such as Bergdorf Godman, Joyce Hong Kong, and Browns recently being featured in the new reboot of Sex and the City. 
My responsibilities included the development of a digital brand strategy covering all social media channels, campaigns, and press including the organization of CONTINUOUS contet editing, marketing presence, and PR & communication. Further, I took over a leading role in the project management of the relaunch of the label's own online shop. 
My main tasks included the OPTIMISATION of the shop's UX und UI design in communication with the IT department, the maintenance of product groups, the preparation and REALISATION of the monthly design launches, and the weekly customer data analysis of the website concluding in the chairing the meeting on weekly sales reports.  
Photo Credits: Sarah Luisa Kuhlewind