design and brand strategy
This project was my first collection developed in my Bsc Design & Textile Technologies. Experimenting with the construction of garments and fashion's relation to architecture, I drew inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright's theory of the harmony of form and function. The project portrays fashion as a second skin, architecture as our third and thereby connects both creative disciplines as a practice shaping human surroundings. 
A recent visit of the Guggenheim Museum in New York then functioned as the basis for my design work. Instead of traditional pattern cutting and methods of construction, I got inspired by the statics of Wright's renewed building mirroring these in the fabrication of the coat. To frame the project, I developed a brand strategy exceeding the criteria of the course assessment. "Breaking the n(f)form" is a expression of my design ideation and a urging to shift the traditional methods of design education towards a more collaborative and interdisciplinary perspective. 
 > caption: sketches and process documentation
 > caption: The inside of the coat featured a screen-printed and hand-written diary entry from my visit to the Guggenheim and a receipt of all materials and resources gone into the production of the garment
 > credits: design and art direction: Sarah Luisa Kuhlewind, photographic assistance: Hyerim Lee and Julia Kaczmarek, the project was part of the second year of my Bsc Design and Textile Technologies at the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries Amsterdam (HvA)