art direction and content strategy
The editorial 'Room Service' is part of the digital brand campaign and content strategy for London-based hair and body care label Dizziak. For this client's brief, we delivered a bold and new content strategy and approach for the brand's digital presence on social media. Based, on the brand's three core characteristics, we developed four asset categories with clear target goals providing a easy-to-follow strategy and material that could be extended and transfigured in the longterm.
Dizziak is an upper-priced hair and body care label focused on clean ingredients and specialised in afro and curly hair. Approaching the project, we firstly analysed the brands’ customer, its market positioning and current digital ap- pearance. Our aim was to curate and develope a “next level” content strategy and visual presence by refining and augmenting the “already-there”. 'Room Service' was one of four coherent campaign's with a emphasised focus on elevating Dizziak to a lifestyle brand with strong aspiration and connection to London’s urban fashion and music scene.
> caption: During the project, I took over the art direction, treatment and production management and was responsible for the management and logistics on set. I further acquired models, shooting location and further collaborators. The project was part of the collaborative unit (January – March 2024) during my MA in Design for Art Direction at the UAL. 
> caption: To emphasise the brand's close connection to London's urban creative scene, we worked together with London-based brands such as Mowalola and Martine Rose integrating these signifiers into the styling and set design. 
> credits: art direction by Jules Lansac, Javier Barral, Jule Baur, Paul Paterson, Sarah Luisa Kuhlewind, photography by Jules Lansac and Javier Barral, videography by Sarah Luisa Kuhlewind, styling by Jule Baur, Kenny Downs, Lucy Naomis, hair by Ronke Olaibi, make up by Joana Calhandro, production coordinator and set management by Sarah Luisa Kuhlewind, models Laure Marchal and Yannick Geudens represented by Body London, location The Princess Royal & Boutique Hotel @cubitthouse