fragments of my twenties #01 edition – 15 GBP (17,50 €) plus shipping
'fragments of my twenties‘ encapsulates the very essence of navigating one's twenties: a period of in-betweens, incompleteness, and restlessness. The zine moves between prose and poetry, fiction and autobiographical notes, love, big cities, and heartbreak. Organized into seven chapters, the texts, written over the past seven years, intentionally remain incomplete, just as early adulthood is ever-evolving and unfinished. The first issue comes in a limited edition of 25 copies, all handmade and uniquely customised in London. 
origin: United Kingdom / language: English, German / pages: 36 / dimensions: 205 x 280 mm  
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 > caption: every copy is hand-made with a unique embossing finish on the cover. The zine is released in limited volumes of twenty-five copies per edition. It is the first issue of a continuing series that I have been working on for the past years.  
 > caption: 'fragments of my twenties' is also available in it's original and uncut 260-page book edition (see below). It features eight extended chapters from love to summer, winter and being young. The book is produced on-demand and customised by hand with a uniquely embossed cover for 65 GBP (75€ plus shipping with a production and shipping time of 2 - 3 weeks). The edition is available via mail here .  
> credits: Sarah Luisa Kuhlewind