art direction
Printed on fourteen foam boards (usually used for architectural models), 'The Architecture in Everything' portrays my definition of the creative discipline as a problem-solving mindset that can be applied to every design process. Featuring excerpts from Reiner de Graaf's essay 'The inevitable box' and photography of my dad's early architectural works, the zine illustrates architecture as a design practice within limitations. A perspective that develops to become a prerequisite not only in the creative industry but our daily lives. Creative thinking will be the tool to rethink and solve encompassing issues. 'The Architecture in Everything' is turned into a, almost playful, test device and buildable installation. Carved with triangular incision, the boards can be interlocked and build up, challenging the reader to become creative within the limited set-up thus embodying the very core of the project. 
 > caption: the concept board prior during the ideation phase of the project
 > art direction and photography: Sarah Luisa Kuhlewind, model and photographic assistance: Hyerim Lee