art direction and production
Thrown and lost is a conceptual photo series thematising the feeling of being lost, the sensation of disorientation, and the question of existence. Inspired by the theory of philosopher Martin Heidegger, the editorial shoot in cooperation with design students from the Academy Fashion & Design Berlin explores the principle of 'thrownness'. Fashion is staged in the context of existential entitlement defined as a means of transforming a foreign-determined identity into one's own. Thrown and lost experiments with fashion as a social and identity-forming element, as a system of communication, and as self-discovery. The deliberately open scope of interpretation is intended to present the viewer with his own existential questions: Why am I here, why now, why in this world?
> credits: photography by Maximilian Glas, model: Phillip Olshausen, art direction, production and styling: Sarah Luisa Kuhlewind, production assistance: Julius Binder, designer: Michelle Bohnes, Nicole Pieper